From weddings to corporate parties, marquees make the perfect venue for a wider range of events. However, figuring out how to style the interior of the tent can be a daunting task. One simple way to transform the space is to use marquee linings.

In this article, we discuss what a marquee lining is and how it can bring an exciting element to your big day. We’ll also discuss the different types of linings available and how to choose the perfect lining for any occasion.

What is a marquee lining?

A marquee lining is simply fabric that is used in the interior of a marquee to ‘line’ the walls and ceiling. Marquee lining fabric is typically made from flame-retardant polyester and is available in a wide range of styles and colours.

The lining is used through the marquee to cover all sections of the metal frame. Marquee wall linings cover the wall of the marquee to hide the ‘legs’ of the marquee skeleton, whilst marquee roof lining conceals the top poles of the structure. Sometimes separate eave linings are also used, to cover the joints between the roof and the eaves.

Why use a marquee lining?

Marquee linings are not a necessity, as the marquee will still stand and function perfectly well without them. However, they do have several important benefits.

Firstly, the lining covers the marquee interior and hides the unsightly framework from view. If you want to create a picture-perfect event space, you will find that the metal poles can become an eyesore. Linings conceal the poles whilst adding a neutral backdrop to the space.

Adding a marquee lining can also add an extra layer of warmth to the tent. Marquee linings cover the entire interior, helping to insulate the tent in the cold winter months. Don’t worry, as most marquee lining fabrics are flame-retardant, you can still use heaters, candles, and other accessories to add warmth to the space.

On the contrary, in the summer months, a lining can also help to deflect the heat, particularly with the types of marquees that have window panes. These plastic windows allow you to make use of the views outside but they also allow the sunlight in and heat up the tent. Linings can counteract this by adding a soft buffer that will deflect the heat, helping to keep your space cool.

Depending on the type of marquee lining you use, they can also allow you to add dynamic lighting to the event. Some linings allow you to recreate the night sky whilst others add twinkling fairy lights throughout the marquee. These lighting options create a soft ambience and look amazing in photographs, allowing you to look back fondly on your event for years to come.

Ultimately, marquee linings allow you to truly customise the tent and create a bespoke environment for your special day. They add a fantastic layer of texture and depth, whilst providing both warmth and light to your event.

Types of marquee linings

There are a wide variety of different types of marquee linings available. Which one you choose will depend on the type of event you are holding and the desired aesthetic.

Flat lining is essentially taught pieces of fabric covering the poles that are visible on the roof and sides of the marquee. These flat panels of fabric offer a simplistic design. The lack of detail means that the sheets do not distract from the rest of the decorations you may have. Flat lining is perfect ideal for those that want minimal fuss. We have found that they work perfectly for corporate events such as conferences or seminars.

Draped or pleated linings create a dramatic effect on the inside of the tent. Using soft, billowing fabric, these drapes cover the eaves of the structure to add a luxurious texture and depth. Further, this lining type commonly allows for LED fairy lights to be used throughout the ceiling. Draped lining works fantastically well for weddings, as it achieves a romantic aesthetic that is simply breathtaking.

For those that like to party the whole night long, why not bring the starry sky indoors? Black-out lining is a dark coloured cloth, that has sporadic holes cut into the cloth to allow light to shine through. This wonderful effect replicates the night sky and creates twinkly stars for you to dance under. Black-out lining is popular at birthday parties and weddings alike.

Choosing a marquee lining

As with all event planning, the right marquee lining is largely down to personal choice. Take the time to assess what you like and carefully consider what you have planned before choosing a style of the lining.

Think about the theme of your event and which lining will match the occasion best. Then, assess the colours you want to use throughout the event and whether the lining will clash with your chosen palette. You should also think about lighting options, budget, and the overall effect you want to have.

Discuss lining types with your marquee provider. Ask what types of lining they have available or what they would recommend for the occasion. Be sure to ask whether the lining is an additional cost or if it is included in the price. You should also ask whether installing the lining affects the time it takes for them to erect or disassemble the marquee so that you can adjust your timeline for the event accordingly.

Final thoughts

Marquee linings can truly transform the space and incorporate a sense of luxury. Whatever type of lining you choose, your event is sure to be unforgettable.

If you need help choosing a marquee or finding the perfect marquee lining fabric, get in touch today. We can help you with lots of details for your special event, from party planning to decoration.