Marquee hires are becoming a popular choice for weddings and corporate events, offering a versatile space outdoors with added protection from the elements. Marquees come in a variety of sizes and are hugely adaptable, allowing you to create a personal and tailored environment for your celebration.

In this article, we discuss the five most popular types of marquees available on the market and the environments they are most suited to.

Traditional Marquees

When most people picture a formal tent structure, a traditional pole marquee is typically what comes to mind.

Built around a singular centre support or multiple poles, the marquee is anchored by pegs and guide ropes in the ground. Traditional marquees can be placed in a variety of venues, however, somewhere with flat grass and soil is ideal to provide optimal stability.

Don’t worry about the poles being unsightly! Most marquee suppliers use natural materials such as wood to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. In any doubt, interior lighting such as string lights wrapped around the pole can disguise unwanted supports, whilst adding a soft ambience to the space.

Clearspan Marquees

A clearspan marquee is a timeless classic. Similar in looks to a traditional marquee, these framed marquees use a reinforced structure around the perimeter of the marquee. This means that there are no visible poles or supports from the interior as this is typically concealed with drapes throughout the marquee ceiling.

The structure is lightweight and easy to erect as aluminium or steel frames are used for the marquee support. Again, pegs and guide ropes are used to secure the tent to the ground but, since the marquee does not use poles, there are fewer location restrictions to take into consideration.

A framed marquee suits the aesthetic of any occasion, as they offer a clean slate in terms of style. From rock n roll to shabby chic, add your own furniture and finishing touches to create a personalised environment.

Pagoda Marquees

A pagoda, also known as a Chinese hat marquee, has a unique pointed roof that adds an interesting element to your big day. Combing grandiose heights with a sense of glamour, a pagoda marquee definitely makes an impact when your guests turn the corner!

Pagodas are incredibly versatile and adaptable, allowing you to create a hosting space tailored to your event. The pagoda can stand alone as a small unit, making an additional ‘chill out zone’ away from the main event, or multiple Chinese hat marquees can be joined together to create an outside venue able to house a higher number of guests.

This type of marquee typically does not have sides to it, meaning they are not as good for protecting attendees from the weather. A pagoda marquee is most suited to a summer occasion where only shade from the sun is required rather than the provision of any additional warmth.


A teepee, also commonly spelt as ‘tipi’, is quickly becoming a popular choice amongst couples who are looking for alternative wedding venues. You can often choose from either one giant teepee or have interconnecting tents, making this type of marquee extremely adaptable in terms of capacity.

Perfect for both warm or cold weather, the teepee structure is made from a hardy canvas wrapped around multiple wooden poles. The sides of the teepee tent can be lifted to allow more space for guests and let nature in.

The tepee tent lends itself to a bohemian aesthetic for any event. To create a luxurious sense of intimacy, we recommend filling the teepee with contrasting textiles, rugs, and floor cushions for the ultimate cosy vibe.

Stretch Tent

A stretch tent, also known as acapri tent, is a single piece of waterproof fabric that tightly stretches over your selected space with poles used internally to configure the desired shape.

Typically suited to warmer weather and summer events, the stretch marquee does not have many sides. Whilst this allows you to make the most of the outdoors, it does not provide much warmth if the weather cools off. Our best tip for marquee hire wouldbe to look into space heaters to keep your guests toasty if the worst were to happen.

The stretch canopy is a perfect choice for any awkward spaces and can be set up in almost any terrain. Your stretch tent supplier can work with you to find the best configuration of the marquee for your event, recommending ideal shapes and anchor points.

Final thoughts

There are many different types of marquee available, each offering its own unique style and charm. Whichever marquee you chose will largely come down to the venue, the number of attendees, and your personaltaste.

Here at All Occasions, we work with you to find the perfect set up for your big day. Specialising in clear span marquees, we are with you every step of the way from planning to set up. Get in touch today to discuss your vision with our friendly team – we love to talk about party plans!