How much a marquee costs to hire varies tremendously depending on a multitude of factors with some of the main ones being what you need it for, the size you need, how long you need to hire it, if you need linings, and any extras like furniture, flooring, lighting, heating you may want as well.

The cost of a marquee to hire can start at a basic level around £1000 and increase upwards from there depending on the variety of these extra factors you need adding in. At All Occasions, we have marquees for weddings, concerts and events, then we also have more temporary structures that are ideal for businesses that need some extra space for storage or expansion without investing in a fixed long-term structure, the prices vary between these two styles.

Are Marquee Weddings Cheaper to Hire?

A lot of the time, however, marquees can be a more cost effective and flexible solution than the alternatives. For example, weddings, the cost of a venue with all the extras can quickly and easily stretch into several thousand pounds in the blink of an eye.

Marquees can give you the flexibility to curate your own wedding venue with a whole host of internal decoration options from the carpet to lights, furniture to linings that you wouldn’t have with a venue, you also have the potential to use a variety of locations and these can still be more cost effective than your standard wedding venue options. There’s a lot to organise with a wedding so we have everything available to get your marquee exactly how you want it from top to bottom.

Getting An Accurate Price

Because there are a lot of options when hiring marquees, to get an accurate idea of cost it can be hugely beneficial to get a clear idea of what your requirements are before you enquire. It’s worth figuring out the following first:

  • What the maximum available area is
  • What type of surface it’s going to be placed on e.g concrete, soil
  • What size you need for its purpose - guest size, business use, event
  • If you’ll need it flooring & carpeting
  • If you need furniture including
  • Do you need the marquee lining
  • Will it need lighting & electrics
  • Is heating going to be needed
  • When it needs to be put up and taken down
  • If you have a specific theme in mind for the marquee
  • The location it needs to be erected
  • If you’ll need on-site toilets for the event

How Marquee Size Affects Cost & What Are Available

The size of a marquee is one of if not the most significant factor impacting how much you spend. From small gardens to festivals, weddings to corporate events we have a humongous range from small to massive.

To give you a better idea of some sizes we have available we have listed some popular selections below:

  • 15m wide x 10m - 50m length
  • 10m wide x 10m - 30m length
  • 9m wide x 9m - 27m length
  • 3m wide x 3m - 18m length

The larger the marquee the more expensive they are to hire (in general), when it comes to thinking of your size requirements for a marquee consider:

  • If you have any specific height requirements
  • Your guest size / capacity in relation to the size you want or are able to have
  • What the maximum size you can have is and also what the minimum would be
  • How far ahead your booking so we can ensure we have availability - the bigger the marquee the more relevant this is


As you can see, there are a lot of variables that impact how much you pay for a marquee. Make sure you account for everything before enquiring using the list above to get an accurate price and get enquiring as far in advance of the event as you can, especially through peak season from June - September.

Marquees offer a level of flexibility and uniqueness to an event or occasion that some venues simply can’t, and this can be more cost effective as well, you can contact us here if you’d like further advice or to get an idea of price now.