You may be reading this and thinking, what do you mean? A Gazebo and Marquee are the same thing! Which would be understandable, they are both used for events after all, but the purpose between the two is quite different.

Understanding the difference between a Marquee and Gazebo can make sure you get the right type of ‘tent’ to use a general term for your event. You could get quite the surprise using a Gazebo if you have a big event planned!

How & When To Use a Gazebo

One of the most distinct differences between Gazebos and Marquees is their build quality and capacity. You will find (in general) that a Gazebo lends itself perfectly for small gatherings, your typical garden birthday party or summer BBQ perhaps. If you’re having a few people around and need something you can build yourself quickly, that only needs to hold 10-20 people (roughly) then a Gazebo should do the job.

Don’t expect too much from a build quality perspective though, Gazebos are great for putting up for a day or two but they aren’t designed to brave many rough British weather days, they’ll most certainly do the job keeping you and your guests dry if the weather turns in the middle of summer, it’s worth keeping their limitations in mind if you have some bigger in mind though.

In a nutshell, if you need a cheap, cheerful, compact option for a small gathering a Gazebo is the one for you.

How & When To Use a Marquee

A Marquee is pretty much a total contradiction to the humble Gazebo. If you’re going for an event with the wow factor, or have something big in mind, a Marquee is your tent of choice. Consider these more of a temporary structure than your average tent, with solid frames and thick canvas walls and roofs Marquees are highly durable, solid in structure and come in a huge range of sizes whether you’re hosting 30 guests or 200!

The diversity of events we’ve had the pleasure of providing Marquees for is vast, from themed birthday parties to hundreds of weddings, big corporate events to music festivals. You can truly make a Marquee your own, whether it’s for the weekend, the week, the month or even longer. You can throw whatever the British climate has to offer at them and they’ll handle it.

They do require experienced assembly (which is were we come in) but open up a world of options for your event, they are naturally more expensive than a Gazebo but because we physically stock all our Marquees ourselves; and the accessories with them we can be flexible and competitively priced, with unmatched expertise from over 20-years of helping make events go smoothly.

If you’re unsure whether a Marquee is the right fit for your event, then get in touch with us here or pop us a quick call, we can always guide you down the right route to make sure your event is one to remember.