A wedding marquee is a perfect option for couples that want to make the most of captivating landscapes on their big day! With beautiful scenery available across all corners of the nation, it is no wonder that we Brits want to bring the party to the big outdoors.

In this article, we discuss our top five tips for hiring a marquee, helping you to find the perfect marquee hire for your ceremony and reception.

1. Find the right marquee size for your wedding

It is important to select a marquee size that can accommodate the number of guests you will have at both your ceremony and for your evening reception. Whilst there are some standard marquee sizes, it is important to talk to your supplier about what options they have available and what size they would recommend.

There is a wide variety of different marquees available, so in addition to finding the perfect size, it is also important to choose a marquee that matches your style. A framed marquee will accommodate lots of guests and the sides can be pulled up on warmer days to give the appearance of more space. In contrast, a yurt makes for a more intimate feel for your wedding, with fewer guests and a cosy vibe.

2. Consider your marquee wedding venue

When having a marquee wedding, it is essential to carefully assess the venue. Where the marquee is placed will depend heavily on the terrain and surrounding environment, as well as the available land. If there is a slope, for instance, another location may have to be chosen or a custom platform may have to be used to even out the ground at an additional cost.

There has to be enough space for not only the marquee but also the guide ropes and additional equipment such as generators. For example, if you want a woodland marque, there has to be a clearing amongst the trees that has the capacity to house the marquee and accompanying equipment safely.

Discuss the location of your marquee with both the venue owner and your marquee supplier in tandem, if you are using your own third-party providers. The marquee supplier will be able to instruct your venue owner on preparation, such as keeping the grass cut short, as well as any safety precautions.

3. Research the price of your marquee hire

You need to carefully assess the price of a marquee hire to ensure it fits in line with the budget of your wedding. The cost of hiring a marquee will depend on the size, location, and duration of which you wish to use the marquee for your event.

Be sure to investigate any hidden or additional costs, such as whether your venue charges an additional fee for the use of marquess. Adequately research what exactly will be included in the price of the marquee such as heating, generators, or even furniture for your guests.

4. Think about heating inside the marquee

The British weather can get a little chilly, regardless of what season it is! For guests to enjoy your big day just as much as you, it is important to ensure they are cosy and warm no matter the weather.

Discuss marquee heater hire with your supplier to find the right heating option for you. The type of heating you use inside the marquee will depend on how flammable the material of the structure is, therefore, flameless heaters may be required.

Budget appropriately for the cost of keeping your reception adequately heated. Depending on the supplier used, it may be possible to get a heated marquee hire. However, some companies may require you to hire separate heaters at an additional cost.

5. Explore wedding marquee decorations

Decorating the marquee is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning! Find wedding marquee decorations that match the vibe of your chosen marquee. From place setting to internal lighting, you want to create the perfect ambience for your reception.

For example, white structured marquess lend themselves to classic drapes and floral centrepieces, whereas tipis suit a more boho aesthetic with dried flowers and layered rugs.

Whatever artistic visuals you chose to compliment your wedding theme, be sure to establish how and when the marquee dressing will occur. Enquire as to whether your marquee supplier will be on hand to help you set up the internal styling of the marquee. Do not forget to give yourself enough time before the wedding to create the mood you want whilst still having time to get ready for your ceremony.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right marquee and venue for your big day is an important decision, but it should not be a pressure point of wedding planning! Focus on how you envision your wedding to be and thoroughly research the types of marquees that will help to make your occasion special.

Here at All Occasions, we offer premium wedding marquee services and are there for you every step of the way. From planning to erecting the marquee, our friendly team are dedicated to making your big day seamless and stress-free.

If you are planning your ceremony and reception, please do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss your marquee options and make your wedding dreams a reality!