At All Occasions we’re generally known for our marquees, however; when we say All Occasions, we mean it! We’re an all in one event provider beyond just marquees. This has naturally expanded out into offering fencing for hire for many different organised events.

Fencing is usually essential for most large organised events but can often be overlooked. We’ve helped bring together charity 5k’s through city centres to using crowd control barriers at music festivals. They create a clear boundary for your event with defined paths and road blocks if needed as well, but selecting the right barrier is key and dependent on what type of event you're organising, so we’ll guide you here in which is the most appropriate.

Pedestrian Barriers

These are arguably our most used and popular barrier type. These low height barriers are perfect for spectator events that mark a clear path, keep crowds at a safe distance and create a defined area for your event to take place.

These are lightweight barriers designed for rapid and easy deployment, a simple hook and loop design easily connects all the barriers together. The more connected they are, the more durable they become but they aren’t designed for events like festivals where they could be pushed up against as they don’t have the ballast to keep them upright when pressure is applied.

This does make them perfect for large scale events that need quick time sensitive turnarounds.

Front of Stage Barriers

These durable barriers serve a more specific purpose, for any events that require more stringent crowd control, front of stage barriers are perfect.

These heavy weight barriers use a reinforcing brace to counter the pressure applied from crowds to prevent them getting closer to a stage. These take a little more time to set up but generally don’t require the same quantity needed as pedestrian barriers.

Heras Fencing

Heras fencing is a completely different style entirely. This high scale fencing makes it ideal to use as a perimeter for your event. It’s designed to prevent anyone accessing your event without an admission and to define the area clearly as well.

Similar to pedestrian barriers the Heras fencing can be deployed at large scale quickly but is more secure. Solid metal clamps securely bolt each connecting fence panel together so they can’t simply be prised apart with ease, they’re weighted down with blocks to secure them firmly down as well.

Concrete Blocks

Not exactly a fencing option, but a bonus option and a more durable, robust safety measure for large scale events that attract a lot of footfall. These concrete blocks are specifically designed to temporarily block roads as an anti-terrorist measure especially if roads are being used as thoroughfares for pedestrians at your event.

These blocks give you the peace of mind that every road is securely cordoned off for the safety of your visitors and can be deployed cost effectively, easily and whenever you need.

We have a diverse range of fencing and barrier options quite literally for all occasions, so if your event needs them get in touch here or call us on 01482 348700 today.