We’ve all seen the crowd attacks on the news over recent months and the security options available to manage crowd safety have become the number one concern for those planning to hold public events.

Thinking about the scale of your event, who will be attending and any additional support requirements they may need such as wheelchair access, toilet facilities etc. must all be considered. 

Location and access are fundamental factors in the running of any successful event and the associated safety concerns must be addressed within the location and the perimeter entrances and exits which is where crowd management comes into play and utilising barriers and fencing to funnel your crowds at multiple stations helps to ease congestion and allows you to manage high volumes of traffic.

In public spaces vehicle management is of prime concern now and the introduction of concrete blocks or safety bollards – either temporary or permanent structures now help to mitigate threats associated from this form of terrorism.  Our motto is plan for the worst and hope for the best.

As the UK’s leading specialist for site boundary protection and unauthorised access prevention, All Occasions we have over 25 years experience in planning public and private events and can help you with a wide range of security equipment hire and with rapid deployment and a range of options available, you can have a solution within 24 hours of contacting our team. 

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