From street festivals to fashion shows, opening days to freshers events, business events to food festivals, commercial events cover a huge umbrella and variety of different uses, and we’ve covered a huge variety of them in the past.

With life starting to gain some normality back in 2022 Yorkshire will return to it’s usual event packed calendar, as an event organiser it’s a brilliant time to have the confidence to get your event underway again.

One thing every event has in common is selecting the perfect venue, ideally situated in a high traffic area if it’s not pre-booked such as Leeds, York, Hull, Harrogate or Sheffield city centre, and fingers crossed the weather holds out, but as we know, there are never any guarantees.

Why Consider a Marquee For Your Yorkshire Event?

Naturally, for starters, a marquee provides a wonderful fallback against the unpredictable British Spring and Summer, or any season for that matter! Taking your event outside expands your event venue options substantially, enabling you to locate it exactly where you need it to be to elevate the chance of success and drive the footfall you need to it.

Combining your event with perhaps not just one marquee, but several, ensures your event's success doesn’t hinge on what the weather dictates. At the same time, if you do strike lucky with a blissful sunny day, a marquee can still have a light, airy and open feel to it as you adapt it to the day by opening more sides to it.

Expanding on the adaptability element is a huge benefit of using marquees for your event. Getting permission and permits for your event could require you to adhere to certain space, height or other restrictions depending whereabouts it is, the flexibility to position marquees in a variety of lengths, heights and sizes could be a real game changer in the planning process of the event getting all key stakeholders onboard and having the flexibility to adapt to those requirements can really make all the difference.

Helping Your Yorkshire Event Look & Feel The Part

Even if you have managed to seal a prime location in Yorkshire, getting people into your event is likely still going to be your biggest challenge, part of this is clearly communicating who you are, what the event is and why people should be interested in it.

Many of the successful events we’ve worked on have used exemplary visuals to compliment the event and give it those all important finishing touches, any of our marquees can be adapted to create a seamless look and feel with your event with it’s corporate branding, props / sets, event specific branding, signage and stages, we have worked alongside 100’s of event organisers to give their finishing touches the pop it needs to hook people in, a few examples of bringing this together can be found below.

Flexibility Around The Event

We know how tight timings can get close to the day of your event, you may be working to an incredibly tight schedule where you have to be in and out within specific dates and times, we’re used to working around and accommodating for fluid timings.

With marquees, we can set them up and organise them around the schedule you need for your event, it’s one less thing to think about amongst the to-do-list of bringing this all together, taking them down is the same. Once the event is over you likely need them bringing down on a tight turnaround too, we’ll work with you well in advance of the event to get the marquees to fit around your schedule.

Because we’re based in the centre of Hull, we’re perfectly located for events around anywhere in Yorkshire and also Lincolnshire, this gives you the reassurance that we can be flexible because we’re centrally based to the area to facilitate this flexibility.

So if you’re just in the planning process of your Yorkshire event, or if it’s looming close and you need a flexible option, then a Marquee could be just what you need it, get in touch here or call 01482 348700 and we can work with you to help ensure your event is a success!