The beauty of events is the sheer variety you get, this has ultimately led to us expanding beyond just marquees but almost as a one stop shop for everything encompassing events organization.

Some of our most memorable jobs haven’t had a single marquee in them, from safety barriers to fencing to protective blocks, these don’t sound thrilling, but when we break down the events they’ve been used for it gives them some flair. Here are our 3 favourite events we’ve done without a marquee:

Hull Fair

Arguably Hull’s biggest and most renowned event of the year, the famous fair that descends upon Walton Street, Europe’s largest traveling fair converges for a week of fun, thrills and incredible food. It’s safe to say they would barely be a spot available to put a marquee in even if we wanted too.

The fair, however, hinges upon using Walton Street as it’s main conduit for visitors making it extremely crowded. Our task was to secure both ends of the street to make them impassible for any vehicles so it can be safely pedestrianised for everyone to enjoy the fair with peace of mind.

Enter our gigantic concrete blocks, each weighing in at over a ton and double stacked for added measure. These monumental beasts were planted tactically at either end of the street, they are the perfect road block solution for any events that require potentially high traffic areas of pedestrians passing through safely.

Sport Relief - Hull City Centre

The inspirational fundraising event brought thousands of runners and walkers descending onto Hull City Centre  to raise money for this fantastic charity. With the route mapped out around the city we were brought in to guide everyone through the winding streets with our safety barriers.

Having the barriers in place enabled every single fundraiser to come and take part safely around the city, it involved closing access to roads for the day but the event was a success with the sun making an appearance and a staggering attendance contributing to raising some life changing funds for worthy causes in the local area and beyond, an event we was proud to be a part of.

Greenpower Event - Hull City Center

The Greenpower event celebrates and inspires young people around the world to excel in science and technology. It raises a unique challenge to do this, to build and race your own electric car. Young teams from all over the world compete in organised events, and Hull was lucky to be selected as one of the courses.

These nimble all electric carts were to whizz around Hull City Centre in a day of high octane thrills and to showcase the ingenuity of young people, paving the way for them to advance further into promising engineering careers that could shape the future of our world. We were brought in to carve the course through Hull town using our safety barriers to pave a clear route for these inspiring minds to race through.

Hull University Graduation

A graduation is a momentous occasion for both parents, students and the University. Hull Uni wanted to truly capture this with a worthy venue, the new Hull Bonus arena. We were brought in to transform the arena into a red carpet event (with chairs).

As you can see the arena was a venue worthy of any graduation, with hundreds of chairs required and a layout that was accessible, safe and had impact.

If you have an event you’re looking to organise that needs fencing, road blocks, safety barriers and more then feel free to get in touch here to see how we can help bring your event to life.