As we all know, one of the big anxieties around an event is what the UK weather is up to. From wet summers, windy Autumn days or biting winter months you want to know that when hiring a marquee it’s designed to overcome adverse weather.

The concise answer is, of course, yes. But there’s more nuance to the answer and how we can keep your event running smoothly in all types of weather has more depth to it. At All Occasions, we have a solution for every weather event, because we’ve experienced them all, and here’s how we plan your event to anticipate them.

Marquees and the rain

We’ll get the biggest, and one of the most concerning out the way first. First off, all our marquees are completely resilient to rain, even very heavy downpours, and if your marquee is connected to another building or tent we use specialised gutters to let the rain run off safely.

One of the more insidious issues can be the impact on the ground, for example, a wet, muddy field can put a dampener on your event. To combat this, we recommend using our wood flooring option that elevates the standing area within the marquee even in a field to give a dry space for your event. We can still secure marquees firmly in wet weather, they’re staked firmly into the ground and if needed we can supplement this with weighted blocks as a backup if we really need to.

Marquees and the wind

Being an island nation, we’re a windy one. This is arguably the second most prohibitive factor from a weather perspective. Our marquees are still extremely resilient to windy conditions, largely part of the same point we touched upon with how we secure them with stakes and weights.

But we also don’t use pole marquees, we use solid metal frames that are significantly more resilient against windy conditions and we can ensure key areas of the marquees are walled to prevent it from acting as a wind tunnel too.

Marquees and the cold

A really frequent question is ‘are marquees warm in the winter?’. The answer is, that they certainly can be. There’s no doubt, if a marquee is set up and left with just the frame and walls alone it would be chilly in there.

We do, however; have the option to both line and carpet the marquee and then provide our heaters for hire to keep your event nice and toasty through even the coldest winter days.

Marquees and the heat

A not-so-often consideration is how marquees cope in the heat, in the height of summer they have the potential to act like a greenhouse. Thankfully, all our marquees use dividing walls that can easily be opened to act like windows, we can leave as many as you want open to let air flow through and keep the tent cool.

We also have the option to use actual windows to let the sun shine through in certain areas, it’s on these warm summer days that marquees really create a wonderful indoor-outdoor experience that transforms any event or occasion.

So to weatherproof your marquee event you can see there’s little you have to do, our marquees are well equipped to handle the weather and we have all the extra hire options available to make your event run smooth no matter the weather. If you’re looking to hire a marquee then get in touch with us here or call 01482 348 700.