The marquees we install are substantially more involved than assembling your average garden gazebo, it takes training, experience and teamwork to efficiently assemble a marquee safely and expediently.

Our marquees have been installed in a vast range of locations from universities to town centres, festivals to manor houses, factories to hotels. Marquees are really versatile in where they can be installed, and you can see our guide about the surfaces they can be placed here, but how they come together at your event is a streamlined and process-driven approach.

The foundations

First things first, we clearly mark out and measure where the marquee/s are to be installed, we lay out ‘base plates’ to mark this area clearly. We then bring together the framework which forms the skeleton of the marquee.

Marquees are built in bays, each section uses two uprights and two interpearlings that connect the uprights together in a triangular apex shape. We continue to build these bays on the floor before elevating them and connecting them together. Each piece of framework is securely pinned together from the base plates to the uprights forming a solid structure.

The canvas

Once we have the frame in place we bring out the roofs, these slide into the frame at one side, we then pull them to the other side within each bay of framework. We work across bay by bay until we’ve roofed the whole marquee.

Once the roofs are on, we can bring out the walls so the marquee really takes shape. Each wall uses a bar at the top and bottom and is threaded into the frame. The walls come in two sides and are connected in the middle so they can be used as doors at any point through the tent.

All of the canvas is threaded into the frame which helps pull it taught and gives the marquee a slick and professional look.

Securing it

After the frame and canvas is on the priority is to secure the tent to the ground. Depending on the surface this can involve hammering stakes into the ground through the foot plates, or using huge weights to secure the foot plates if we’re installing on concrete. This firmly secures the tent in case the wind gets up, which it often does in the UK.

The interior

Once we have the marquee secured it’s time to tailor the inside to the event or purpose. This can involve bringing in wooden flooring, carpeting, wall linings, lighting, electrics, heating, staging, dance floors and then furniture.

The beauty of marquees is how versatile they can be, and we have everything available to hire to compliment and make the marquee your own, from corporate shows to weddings to festivals, we have something for every event.

Seeing it in action

To see how it all comes together for real, check out our marquee installation time lapse video below:

If you'd like to enquire about hiring a marquee you can get in touch with us here or call 01482 348700