If you’re organising an event that’s more of a party or celebration then you want energy, fun and people having a brilliant time, and what’s better than seeing everyone up and dancing having a blast?

At this stage, you’ve likely decided you’re hiring a marquee or seriously considering one, and debating whether you should put a dance floor in because it has an extra cost.

One of the primary considerations here is space, dance floors take up a good portion of space in the marquee so this will be the first limiting factor, if you have a large marquee you’re hiring then perfect, but if the marquee is going into a garden with limited space you may consider other ways to bring people together to dance, such as adjacent to the marquee outside with an open-style marquee if it’s in the summer.

Benefits of a Dance Floor in a Marquee

If your marquee is already going to be floored and carpeted then there’s an argument to say you can simply leave an open space for people to use and dance on, it’s cheaper and perfectly plausible. However; in our experience, if you’re investing in live music or a DJ you really want to see and encourage everyone to get up and dance, it can really make or break an event.

Psychologically, getting people up to dance can always be challenging, especially at first. We’ve found having a dance floor is the nudge needed to bring people together to dance, it indicates that the area in the marquee is purpose-built and needs to be used which is enough of a tipping point to get people up.

Furthermore, from a safety perspective, carpet can be scuffed and become a trip hazard for people dancing on, whereas a dance floor prevents this. It’s also a much better surface, so if you have friends and family members who really like to bust some moves they can go for it.


Our checkerboard floors can be all black, white or a combination and click together in squares so the dance floor size can be flexible to accommodate the space you have in the marquee.

The size of your dance floor very much depends on the scale of your event, whether you’ve got 30 guests or 200 will influence how many dancers you need to factor in which is quite the estimate.

Taking a 15% of total guests rule should give you a rough indication of how big your dance floor should be, and we’ll work with you to get this element right using our 20 years experience of with events.


Because we’re an all-in-one event provider, we like to offer dance floors as part of our primary marquee hire solution to make the whole process convenient, easy and cost-effective. Organising events can be stressful, consolidating your services into less can save a lot of time, money and headaches. As such, we factor in the cost of a dance floor into the total event hire offering which can make it more affordable than a stand-alone hire.

It’s at this stage that we recommend getting in touch with us here or calling us on 01482 348700 so we can discuss the full event requirements and we can build out a solution that brings your event to life and gets everyone up and dancing on the day!