To say that multiple lockdowns and the duration of the pandemic has been a challenge for pubs would be underselling the turbulence and uncertainty owners have gone through, and for the hospitality sector as a whole.

Many have been forced to adapt to accommodate rules, regulations and even just confidence to return into confined quarters indoors. As winter draws again the need for extra space at pubs for those who want the experience without the risk will likely increase, and providing an outdoor space for people to gather with or without restrictions necessitating it could likely have a profound impact on the success of this winter for many pub owners.

Marquees have been a brilliant solution for many pub owners, they can expand the available space and keep pub goers sheltered from our unpredictable British winter weather, or summer weather for that matter! But what do you need to know before considering a Marquee for your pub?

What You Need To Know

As restrictions eased in April 2021 the government introduced a relaxation of rules that meant the usual maximum 28-day limit before requiring planning permission for a marquee or outdoor structure was lifted to give pubs the flexibility to accommodate for customers.

This rule is now currently under review for how it should continue and they are asking for views on if there should be a limit, the initial proposal is for 56-days within a calendar year without the need for a pub to have planning permission. The government is also proposing a 4-metre height restriction to occupy a size of no more than 50% of the existing buildings on the site. These are unconfirmed at the moment but give you an idea of the elements and factors to be aware of.

It’s worth checking at the time of reading this what the updated guidelines are on planning permission guidelines and durations for having a marquee as an outdoor structure so you’re confident on how long you can have it and the size restrictions.

How We Can Help

We helped many pubs with marquees as extra space as restrictions eased and can help advise you on what size will be appropriate for your specific needs. We have a vast variety of marquee sizes to adapt and tailor it to the space you have available, whether that’s a beer garden or a car park, and if you need flooring and benches to accompany it we can supply those too.

Getting on the front foot and planning in advance could help make your pub weatherproof for the winter ahead, both literally and figuratively, get in touch now to get ahead.