Are you thinking of a winter time party or event? From birthdays to weddings, winter occasions can have a cosy allure that give summer events a run for their money.

Marquees can give you a truly magical winter event, if you want to create a memorable and unique occasion this will certainly have the right impact. The question is, can a marquee keep all your guests warm?

The answer is of course, yes!

How Is A Marquee Kept Warm?

At All Occasions, we have marquees from the compact to the huge that can host 100’s of guests, but body heat alone isn’t enough to keep these tents warm. Fortunately, we’re fully equipped with powerful heaters that we discreetly and strategically position in key points around the marquee that distribute heat evenly. We can keep you and all your guests comfortable enough to keep the party going even on the coldest of nights.

Over the 20-years we have been helping make events memorable we’ve learned a thing or two, come rain or shine we’ve been able to make sure your guests feel comfortable and we have everything you need to ensure it, so all heaters and generators for them are organised by us and set up by us.

Also, if you’re really pushing the boat out and are having the marquee lined, not only does this look amazing, it helps retain the heat better as an added little benefit.

Other Benefits For Your Winter Event?

There are so many perks to organising your event in the winter, where marquees are concerned there are plenty of benefits over the crazy crammed calendars of the summer months.

The first of which is flexibility and availability. All marquee companies get super busy in the summer, in the winter months we can offer more flexibility for your event to take the pressure off.

A knock on effect of this is choice, because we have most things stocked through the winter as they aren’t hired out as much you can customise how the inside of your marquee looks and feels to get it looking personalised and incredible.

If you’re thinking of throwing a unique event this winter then get in touch, we can help create something special, unique and most definitely, warm!